about attis industries

Attis Industries is a diverse organization with businesses in the healthcare, medical waste, and the environmental technology sectors. Attis is focused on creating long term value for shareholders through acquiring and operating a diverse portfolio of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries. Attis’ multi-industry holding company structure is a key factor in our ability to create value, providing us with the freedom to make investments wherever we perceive the opportunity to enhance returns for our shareholders.

Attis Innovations

Sustainable Materials for Everyday Products

Attis Innovations leverages its ability to source low cost renewable feedstocks with proprietary conversion technology to produce high performance, sustainable materials for everyday products. Feedstock streams range from biomass to recycled materials. Sustainable sourcing combined with low cost processing results in a myriad of high quality products that have the ability to enact transformative change across multiple industries.
Attis Healthcare

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Healthcare Solutions

Attis Healthcare strives to improve patient care and enable better patient outcomes by providing cost saving opportunities through innovative and comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for patients and healthcare providers. Our precision medicine solutions serve various markets including long term care, retail pharmacy, large employers, and benefits brokers.
Bright City

Mobile Solutions for Municipal Governments

The city that clicks together sticks together. Bright City is an all-in-one citizen engagement mobile application designed to link local governments with residents and businesses to provide faster and more targeted ways for city leaders and staff to communicate with their citizens. With features including community alerts, maintenance requests, reports of suspicious activity and much more, Bright City can be customized to meet the needs of the individual municipality.
Attis Innovations

Medical and Pharmaceutical Disposal Solutions

Attis EnviCare leads the medical and pharmaceutical waste industry by providing waste transportation and disposal solutions for regulated and specialized waste, pharmaceutical disposal solutions, sharps management services, controlled substance waste solutions, integrated waste solutions for large healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical inventory management solutions, and compliance and education training for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.