About Us

What We Do

Attis Industries is a diverse organization with businesses in the healthcare, medical waste, and the environmental technology sectors. Attis is focused on creating long term value for shareholders through acquiring and operating a diverse portfolio of businesses across a wide spectrum of industries. Attis’ multi-industry holding company structure is a key factor in our ability to create value, providing us with the freedom to make investments wherever we perceive the opportunity to enhance returns for our shareholders.

Corporate Philosophy

Innovation – Across Attis Industries, innovation is the founding tenet which drives our corporate philosophy and is based on the desire to never be satisfied with the status quo. Seeking out new and more efficient ways to drive business and provide leading-edge solutions is critical to Attis’ success and is in the fabric of our corporate DNA.

Stewardship – Attis Industries believes in the need to preserve and promote human welfare, the environment, and the responsible use of technology. Not only is this belief put into place through ethical and sound business practices but by also promoting evidence-based products and services.

Value – It is Attis Industries’ belief that in order to make transformative change to an industry we must bring real value to customers, partners and users. At Attis, we consistently strive to improve our own practices to enhance the value of our products and services.

Executive Leadership

Jeff S. Cosman, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, of Attis Industries, Inc. Prior to Attis Industries, Inc., Mr. Cosman was the founder of Meridian Waste Solutions, Inc., a multi-regional solid waste company that went public through a series of transactions over the course of 4 years. Meridian Waste was acquired in April 2018 by Warren Equity Partners in a deal with an enterprise value of $103 Million. In four (4) years, Mr. Cosman acquired Meridian Waste Services, Christian Disposal, Eagle Ridge Landfill and Hauling and Container First Services, building a vertically integrated solid waste company with over $55 Million in revenue and over $12 Million of EBITDA.

Prior to building Meridian Waste from a private company to OTC Pink Sheet to OTC QB and subsequently to a NASDAQ listed company, Mr. Cosman founded a mobile application (“app”) company and acquired a warehousing telecommunications company. The mobile app company was subsequently acquired by Attis Industries, Inc. in April 2017. Mobile Science Technologies is finalizing the build and launching its municipal platform for communication in May 2018. Its platform, Bright City is a mobile app for direct, 2-way communication between Bright City users and municipalities. Bright City fosters citizen sourced community engagement by making communications between citizens and cities easy.

In addition to Mr. Cosman negotiating, financing and acquiring six solid waste companies that consolidated as the solid waste assets of Meridian Waste, Mr. Cosman has negotiated, financed and has since consolidated multiple transactions in technology, healthcare and sustainable energy and plastics industries.

Mr. Cosman earned his B.S in Banking Finance & Managerial Finance from the University of Mississippi in 1992, as a Varsity Letterman in Baseball. Following a career with the New York Mets, after being drafted in 1993 as the 14th round pick, Mr. Cosman received a Bachelor of Accountancy degree in 1996.

Mr. Cosman is the son of Jim Cosman, Sr., former President & COO of Republic Services (NYSE: RSG). Jeff Cosman played an active role during the consolidation of Republic Services, specifically in the accounting consolidation, initial cultural integration and the reporting to Wall Street when Republic Services acquired 168 companies in 30 months, increasing its annual revenue from $500 Million to more than $2.1 Billion.

Chris Diaz, Chief Financial Officer, was most recently responsible for ensuring accurate and timely completion of the month-end, quarter-end, and year-end closing process for Advanced Disposal Services, Inc. (NYSE: ADSW), while managing accounting policies, procedures and internal control within a SOX-compliant environment. His experience also includes performing due diligence and subsequent purchase accounting for numerous acquisitions. He has also held financial reporting and auditing positions with CSX Transportation and Skinner Nurseries, Inc. Mr. Diaz began his career as an auditor with the national accounting firm McGladrey & Pullen, LLP. Mr. Diaz obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Florida and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.

Mark Schifani, Chief Operating Officer, is an accomplished leader with significant business acumen in finance, sales, market development and operations, as well as a team-oriented professional with more than 25 years of experience creating business sustainability across multiple disciplines. An energetic and service-oriented leader who consistently demonstrates desire to lead by example, Mr. Schifani’s deed follows his word. Mr. Schifani prides himself in his ability to develop the business processes and people needed to build, grow and engage teams to perform and exceed expected results. Mr. Schifani has held numerous positions in the waste industry, including Region Controller, Assistant Corporate Controller and several positions in Market Development. Mr. Schifani spent most of his career with BFI and Republic Services, where he was awarded the Finance Leader of the Year (2013). As Region Controller, Mr. Schifani was responsible for $750 million in revenue, 50 locations across 6 states and over 2000 employees. Mr. Schifani earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from the University of Memphis.

David Winsness, President, Attis Innovations, has spent his professional career targeting the extraction and recovery of materials from byproduct streams and repurposing those recovered materials into high value markets. Mr. Winsness developed, commercialized and built a team that produced the largest innovation to occur in the corn ethanol biofuel space: back end corn oil extraction. The technology efficiently extracts corn oil from the byproduct stream so that it can be sold separately without consuming any additional power or corn. The technology has proven to be the most effective in the space at about 90% less CAPEX and OPEX compared to competing methods and has been adopted by 90% of the 200 corn ethanol plants where it generates $500 million annually in new income. Mr. Winsness has identified lignin as the next platform that has the potential to far exceed the value created by anything he has worked on in the past. Mr. Winsness has developed a lignin recovery system that is less than 50% of the CAPEX of any know competitor while improving its quality within the extraction process to allow greater value to be captured. Mr. Winsness has once again built a team and technology portfolio that he expects will transform the bioeconomy and to enable it to compete with the petroleum industry. Mr. Winsness graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Robert M. Dunn, Jr., President, Attis Healthcare and Bright City, an attorney by trade, has broad experience leading teams in sales organizations. As an attorney, Mr. Dunn represented both private and public-sector entities across a wide spectrum of issues. Mr. Dunn has represented both Fortune 100 companies and small businesses in litigation involving product liability issues, business disputes, and wrongful terminations. Mr. Dunn also spent a significant amount of time working directly for a multi-national Fortune 500 company in the medical device industry. Mr. Dunn’s tenure at this healthcare company included a role as both the lead commercial attorney and the Human Resources leader for the U.S. Sales Division, a division with more than $2.6 Billion in annual revenue and more than 1,600 employees. Mr. Dunn graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Business Administration (finance) and he obtained his Juris Doctorate degree, with honors, from the University of Houston Law Center.

Jon Lewis, President, Attis EnviCare, leads the overall growth, development, and external operations of Attis’ medical waste operations. Mr. Lewis has more than 25 years of experience leading, operating and developing companies. Mr. Lewis began his career at his family owned company, J.D. Moore and Son Produce, Inc., as a route driver, eventually working his way up to President. During his first two (2) years as President, Mr. Lewis moved the company into the wholesale foodservice industry by starting and running Moore Foods, Inc., where the sales increased from $2 Million to $15 Million in Mr. Lewis’ 12 years as President. After selling the 72-year-old business, Mr. Lewis used his extensive knowledge in negotiating contracts, strategic planning, logistics, active management, and business development to start and develop MDC Acquisitions, LLC., a company that specialized in the acquisition, development and sale of real estate, and Jonathan Moore Homes, LLC., a company that specialized in luxury home building. Both of these businesses had multi-million dollar sales within the first year. Mr. Lewis attended Georgia Southern University where he studied Marketing.